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THROWBALL/FOOTBALL (Football/Soccer) T-Shirt THROWBALL/FOOTBALL (Football/Soccer) T-Shirt
Everyone knows that the most popular sport in the world is, by far, football. It is played with a round ball and the vast majority of the movements of the ball are a result of it being struck by a player's foot. Hence the name football (Duh...).

But since the game was not invented here in the USA, the powers that be decided that the name football was un-American. They preferred to call an American-invented sport, which used a prolate spheroid for a ball, by the name football. This was somewhat strange as only a small fraction of the plays involved the ball being kicked by a player's foot. The majority of the plays in the game involved one player throwing the ball at another player. Hence the more appropriate name for this sport is "Throwball". The righteously named sport of football was referred to by the archaic term "soccer" (derived from "Association Football").

Today we live in a global community and the mis-use of the term football in America is an embarrassment. It is time for true football fans to correct this linguistic travesty by calling "American Football" by its natural name (Throwball) and that the sport referred to as soccer be called football, as it is by 95% of the world's population.

To assist in this crusade, we are offering this brand new, 100% cotton, preshrunk white t-shirt that illustrates the point perfectly. We owe it to our fellow Americans (and Canadians) to help bring them into the modern world.


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